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 Benefits of our service

Removes dirt, grime, oil, bacteria
Restores your floors to a like-new appearance
Makes your location look cleaner and brighter
Reduces growth of mold and mildew

Monthly maintenance program available

All work guaranteed and safe for your surfaces
  Cleaning services for all your hard surfaces, including tile and grout, cement surfaces and natural stone serving
St Charles, St Louis and Lake Saint Louis, Missouri.
Phone: 636-541-1986

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Why buy new...when you can renew for a fraction of the cost!
 We offer restoration services that are an affordable alternative to tearing out and installing new tile. In most cases proper tile and grout cleaning, minor tile & grout repairs, stone cleaning & polishing and premium sealing are all that are needed to bring new and lasting life to your hard surfaces. We use environmentally safe cleaners that we can attest, are amazing! Then, we use top-of-the-line sealants to preserve the like-new condition for years!
 We serve St Charles, St Louis and Lake Saint Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas.


Our specialties include:

  • Cleaning and renewal
  • Grout sealing
  • Color sealing
  • Surface sealing
  • Tile repair
  • Grout repair



We have proven technologies that work on:



Our patented system uses a 4-way cleaning process:

  • Emulsifiers and agitation to loosen soil and stains
  • High pressure water between 200 and 1500psi
  • We use up to 230 degrees of heat
  • Vacuum to remove the soil and dirty water
Once we have cleaned the surface, we have other solutions to remove any stubborn stains. We provide additional services to aid in the restoration of the appearance and to help prolong the life of your surfaces.

See for yourself. Call today for a free evaluation:

Our prices are extremely competitive and our services are outstanding! There is no bait and switch.

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